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Chaparri is a fantastic place to watch wildlife and birds or just to relax. Below we include some of the more popular activities but we aim to be as flexible as possible so please let us know what you want to do. The best times for bird and wildlife–watching are the early morning and late afternoon with the middle of the day best spent relaxing around the lodge.

Spectacled Bear Rescue Centre
Chaparri is the site of Peru’s first wildlife rescue centre designed specifically for Spectacled Bears. Seven bears that have been confiscated from illegal captivity are currently housed in large semi-wild enclosures that provide the bears a stimulating natural environment in which to live. Visitors may visit some of these enclosures with a local guide and watch bears in their natural habitat and learn more about these threatened animals. Chaparri also receives a selection of other rescued animals (Ocelot, Andean Condor, King Vulture, Military Macaw recently) which occur in the area and these may also be seen.

A new facility houses several species of snakes from the area. This has been built mainly to help educate local people about snakes and the benefits of their conservation.

A system of three main trails provide visitors with walks varying in length from 800 m to 8 km. Other walks are available for keen walkers but a local guide is recommended.

Walks pass through a variety of habitats and provide excellent wildlife and bird-watching opportunities.


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