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Chaparri Ecological Reserve...

Chapari provides great birding and wildlife watching opportunities for the visitor with many endemic and threatened species and a good trail network and hides.

In addition to the trails which provide excellent access to the entire range of habitats in the reserve and the chance to see many of the endemic birds and animals of the region, there are some specific attractions and hides that the visitor may wish to visit.

Hummingbird bathing
Almost every morning from 06.15-07.00 several species of hummingbirds gather to bathe in the stream in front of the dining room. Watching this spectacle with a cup of coffee is a popular way to start the day. The number and species vary from seasonally and daily, depending on the weather, with less individuals and species on overcast mornings; up to seven species and more than 50 individuals have been recorded in a day. Purple-collared Woodstar, Tumbes Hummingbird and Amazilia Hummingbirds are present almost all days; Long-billed Starthroat, Short-tailed Woodstar are seen most days and Spot-throated Hummingbird, Oasis Hummingbird and Peruvian Sheartail are frequent, but always in smaller numbers and varying seasonally, and Little Woodstar is recorded occasionally.

Condor Hide
An observation hide overlooking the vulture feeding station. Prior coordination needs to be made to ensure there is food at the feeding station during your visit. A special photography hide is available through prior request closer to the feeding station.

Waterhole Hide
A hide overlooking at waterhole provides wildlife watching opportunities. Peruvian White-tailed deer are the most frequent visitors to the waterhole but Guanacos also visit regularly and Puma and spectacled Bear have both also been seen on occasion. The best time is the early morning.

Wild Spectacled Bears treks
By special arrangement we can arrange for visitors to trek to remoter parts of the reserve in the company of a park guard or biologist where the chances of watching wild Spectacled Bears are perhaps the best anywhere in South America (all visitors in the last two years have seen bears and the BBC filmed them here for a forthcoming programme). Visitors need to be physically fit - able to walk several hours over difficult terrain - and willing to camp at least one night in a remote area with no facilities and limited water (drinking and cooking only). Maximum group size 4 people. Please contact us for details and prices.

Horse-riding can be arranged for visitors at an additional cost. This is a wonderful way to see the amazing scenery and often can result in good wildlife watching. At least one days prior notice is needed but the more the better, especially for larger groups.

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